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Khachatryan Tigran Sergeevich
Institute of Applied problems of Physics of NAS RA, Yerevan, Armenia

For present-day, subclinical hypothyroidism is most often met and the most studying syndrome in modern endocrinology. Urgency of the problem of subclinical hypothyroidism in clinical practical of physicians of different professions conditioned that that under long deficit of thyroid hormones required for normal operation practically each cell; develop the heavy breaches in all without exception organs and systems. The purpose of persisting studies was a study of the particularities of concentrations of thyroid stimulating hormone and thyroid hormones in rats’ blood serum with subclinical hypothyroidism before and after the combined influence of ultra-low doses of dehydrophenylalanyn choline ethers. The studies have shown that beside five-monthly rats’ at subclinical hypothyroidism occurred sharp increasing a level of thyroid stimulating hormone and reduction level of thyroid hormones in blood serum. After influence of ultra-low doses 10-13 and 10-17 M of dehydrophenylalanyn choline ethers in rats’ blood serum occurred reduction to concentrations of thyroid stimulating hormone, increasing level of thyroid hormones, and reached their importance on intact animals. The analysis data series called on experiment has shown that protector characteristic can possess not only hormones of internal secretion, but also explored by us synthetic choline derives, such as N-substituted-α, β-dehydroaminoacids choline ethers, in particular, dehydrophenylalanyn choline ethers. Got given ultra-low doses with influence of the of the given chemical substances on damaged by subclinical hypothyroidism cells of the thyroid gland, on rats are indicative of that that protector effect from using the ultra-low doses of dehydrophenylalanyn choline ethers possible at short period when undertaking the influence data preparation of the synthetic origin. The got data are indicative of protector action of ultra-low dose of dehydrophenylalanyn choline ethers in different, which, probably, conditioned by influence of the given chemical substances on processes of damaged cells of the thyroid gland hydration and role of water, as universal messenger in subcellular processes.

Category: Biology

Article reference:
Khachatryan T.S. The effects of ultra-low doses of dehydrophenylalanyn choline ethers under subclinical hypothyroidism on rats // Researches in Science. 2014. № 5 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://science.snauka.ru/en/2014/05/6802

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