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Osadchaya Yulia Vasilievna
National university of life and environmental sciences of Ukraine
PhD in Agricultural Science Senior Lecturer, Department of Genetics, Breeding and Reproductive Biotechnology behalf of N. A. Kravchenko

Between the number of eggs, ostriches demolished during the first 4 weeks of reproductive season and for the whole season, found a high correlation (r = 0,68-0,71). This is a review of the methodology of evaluation and selection of ostriches when their breeding to increase oviposition. Application of the new methodology will reduce the interval between generations for 1 year, which leads to an increase of 1 egg per generation rate of breeding to increase oviposition.

Keywords: correlation coefficient, ostriches, oviposition, rate selection, reproductive season, selection differential, the effect of selection

Category: Common rubric

Article reference:
Osadchaya Y.V. Breeding techniques to increase oviposition of ostrich // Researches in Science. 2013. № 9 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://science.snauka.ru/en/2013/09/5931

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