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Chuev Anatoly Stepanovich
Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman
Ph.D., Associate Professor

Applied in optical spectroscopy Grotrian diagrams are inverse image of the electronic energy levels, which in spectroscopy possible and permissible . However, such a picture of the energy levels makes it difficult to create a true physical representation of the structure of atoms. From the standpoint of frequency spectral analysis method of emission and absorption lines are the heartbeat of higher-frequency vibrations belonging supposed to electron shells of atoms and having the resonance characteristics of a special kind : the ratio of electronic frequencies , creating a beat frequency of the photon is subject to the quadratic dependence. In this case, the integer resonance frequency ratio are shown in terms of oscillations de Broglie relations. This provides a basis to understand the oscillatory processes in atoms that occur at three interrelated levels of frequency : photons, electrons and subatomic ( quantum mechanical ) . Features of the location of the spectral energy levels give evidence of integrity and primacy of the electron shells of the atom, the electrons present in the form of resonance vibrations of these shells. Frequency method of calculation of the spectral lines shows good agreement of theoretical and experimental data, not only for the hydrogen atom , but also for the individual series of multi-electron atoms.

Keywords: frequency analysis, optical spectra, structure of the atom, structure of the spectra

Category: Physics

Article reference:
Chuev A.S. Analysis of structure and frequency resonances in the optical spectra of atoms // Researches in Science. 2013. № 9 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://science.snauka.ru/en/2013/09/5812

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