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Orlov Evgeny Fedorovich
Scientific and Production Company Ltd «Sinuar»
Director, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

In the first part, devoted to the experiment to determine the speed of propagation of the gravitational interaction, described the invention of a method of measuring the gravitational interaction and gravity meter invention directed action, as well as briefly reported on the major scientific discoveries made during the experiment.
Performed an experiment with the specified gravity meter led to a number of scientific discoveries, and most importantly, for the first time to measure the speed of propagation of gravity in space and register the wave nature of the gravitational interaction, as well as experimentally obtained clear evidence of the existence of three specific cases of Galileo principle of the equality of acceleration of free fall of bodies in space.

Category: Physics

Article reference:
Orlov E.F. Experimental propagation speed of the gravitational interaction. Part 2 // Researches in Science. 2013. № 6 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://science.snauka.ru/en/2013/06/5163

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