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Iskakov B.A.
Kazakh National University Al-Farabi

The article discusses and offers options for the structure of the universe. To consider the proposed new concept of energy itself, which is based on the mystery and the unknown dark matter and dark energy. The novelty of this paper is the concept of the nature of energy, be what it is in reality and its impact on our universe and in our lives.

Keywords: anti-gravity, dark energy, dark matter, ether., gravity, negative energy, positive energy, the particles, the quintessence, the universe

Category: Astronomy, Physics

Article reference:
Iskakov B.A. The mystery of dark energy // Researches in Science. 2013. № 3 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://science.snauka.ru/en/2013/03/4392

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In this study we used some of the data scientists and lovers of this sector. The method of study is to discuss, discourse, etc.

Our universe was the result of the Big Bang, and most important, it is still expanding. But we do not know: what was before the explosion. I really liked the article Larina YB of a unified theory of ideology, offering the world’s existence on the basis of (2). The author offers the following hypothesis:

“The value of the displaced volume (in the air) defines such a fundamental physical quantity as the mass of the particle, and the amount of energy equivalent to that mass is nothing else than the elastic energy, stored in the displacement of air.”

This means that the air is not just a rarefied environment, as we used to present and the medium properties and is learning a liquid and a solid.

Now the main thing. That this dark energy? In the literature, there are two possible explanations for the nature and the nature of dark energy (3):

Dark energy – a cosmological constant, a constant energy density, uniformly filling the space of the universe (ie, postulated a non-zero vacuum energy and pressure) (4);

There is a reservoir that holds Something until it’s Something we call “negative energy”, so to say “imaginary.”" Where, how, in what form is stored and the nature of this “ortritsatelnoy energy” unknown. Home exists. Why negative? Because we do not see, do not “feel”, and can not even imagine it, and the tank itself is isolated from our universe, from our world. But somehow this tiny part of the negative energy in our Protovselennuyu passed and as the nature of our Protovselennoy and this negative energy incompatible explosion and there was our very universe, the beginning of a new era, a new kind of energy, the energy of which we know that we see and ” feel” –  ”Positive energy”, the real power. And what there is provided, by which these two types of energy can coexist.

We all know that the universe is expanding, and many examples, such as the example of the balloon. Many scientists explain the expansion of the universe anti-gravity, that is, under certain conditions between the two bodies, there is a repulsive force, and expands it to the acceleration 10-10 ms-2. The source of energy expansion of the universe, of course, is dark energy.

Scientists from Spain Irene Sandra said that dark matter and dark energy could be two manifestations of the same entity, and it is difficult not to agree with her. We believe that the time depends on the amount of dark energy decreases monotonically. How so? After the Big Bang, there was a chain, the transformation of “negative energy” to “positive.” “Negative energy” and is dark energy, and the intermediate station between these energies is dark matter, that is, dark energy is converted to the dark matter, which in turn is converted into the energy that we know, in a “positive.” This means in the future, the energy of stars, galaxies, protons, electrons, etc. increased or new particles appear not previously known in the art. Here dark matter acts as a generator energy conversion, as mediator. Just there, perhaps, a particle with negative energy is converted into particles of the world or another, the dark energy is converted to the dark matter, which is then converted into different particles, depending on the condition. Many may not agree with what we know of the energy of particles can grow, be true, but the emergence of a new particle of the universe can not be denied. In fact, these new particles is already there, and we probably know them, but can not register because their energy is so far the “negative” and we can not register them. Over time, they will “show” themselves. The particles of which we know, but we can not prove their existence, have two types of energy: both negative and positive. Gradually, their negative energy into positive preobrazovatsch will, and only then, can we register these particles.

After the Big Bang, there was a chain, the transformation of “negative energy” to “positive.” “Negative energy” and is dark energy, and the intermediate station between these energies is dark matter, dark energy that is converted to the dark matter, which in turn is converted into the energy that we know, in a “positive.”

The world changes, people change, and with it the human representation of the universe is also changing. We are no longer satisfied with the answer: “Because it should be. Because it is created by God. ” We want to know the answers, reasons, but yet, on the contrary, it becomes more and more questions. But one thing never changes: “It (he, it) was, is and always will be.”

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